‘The world is a puzzle pieced by everyone's perception of it.’ So I want to share my piece with you. Let’s create something remarkable together. 🧩

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About Me

Hi, I’m Elliot (Xiao Zhang), a multidisciplinary visual communicator based in London, graduated in Graphic & Media Design from the London College of Communication.

I'm always passionate about exploring innovative design solutions by making connections between various areas across digital and print media. My design approach centres around conceptualisation through research, experiments and iteration. I believe that design can help our society to prepare for future challenges by breaking barriars.


📧 Contacts

E-mail: zhangxiaodesign@outlook.com
Website: zhangxiaodesign.com︎︎︎
Instagram: @zhangxiaodesign︎︎︎
Youtube: @zhangxiaodesign︎︎︎
小红书: @zhangxiaodesign︎︎︎

Frandisco Studio: frandis.co︎︎︎

🏫 Education

BA(Hons) Graphic and Media Design
︎London College of Communication
︎University of the Arts, London
2020 - 2023    /    London, UK
Graduated with a First Class Honours certificate (top 10%).

Foundation - Visual Communication
︎International Foundation Course
︎Central Academy of Fine Arts

2019 - 2020    /    Beijing, China

Graduated with an Excellent grade (top 10%) and was awarded the CAFA IFC Diligence Scholarship.

📎 Experience

Design Intern2023 - Now    /    London Art Collective    /    London, UK

Visual identity design for art exhibitions, and daily social media content designs.

Freelance Designer2023    /    Woo    /    London, UK

Woo is a Gen Z wellness brand owned by ITV. I was involved in the visual identity design, and e-commerce design.

UI Design Intern2021    /    Tencent    /    Shenzhen, China

During my 6-month internship in Tencent JOOX Music design team, I designed UI and motion for several features and some of them are now live on the JOOX app. Additionally, I contributed to brainstorming and proposing UI/UX ideas for a music-based emotional healing app concept.

🏆 Awards & Exhibitions

Sticky Fingers Publishing Fair
2024.2.18    /    London, UK

Illustration series ‘Nature Boy’ on display at the communal table.

Exhibition - Fledging
2023.8.9-16    /    Guangzhou, China

Exhibited illustration series ‘Nature Boy’.

Exhibition - Phases of the Moon
2023.8.6-13    /    Shenzhen, China

Exhibited illustration series ‘Nature Boy’.

Exhibition - LCC Degree Show
2023.6.13-17    /    London, UK
Exhibited the first issue of the self-published ‘FolDer Magazine’, co-curated the interactive projection area and exhibited my work ‘The Dynamic Boundary’.

Exhibition - Youth Design 100
2021.9.3-7    /    Zhuhai, China
2021.9.16-10.7    /    Beijing, China
Exhibited illustration projects ‘GREEEEEN HOUSE’ & ‘Nature Boy’.

Short Listed - 8th Hiii Illustration Award
2020    /    Category D - Uncommissioned

Illustration series ‘Nature Boy

📌 Skills

Graphic Design

Motion Design

UI & Prototyping

3D Design

Creative Coding


💡 Graphic Design 🔖 Branding Visual Identity 💥 Motion Design ✏️ Type Design 💡 Graphic Design 🔖 Branding Visual Identity 💥 Motion Design ✏️ Type Design 

🐚 UI/UX ⌛️ Experimental 🪩 3D Design 🫧 New Media Art 🐚 UI/UX ⌛️ Experimental 🪩 3D Design 🫧 New Media Art 

🎨 Illustration 🎬 Animation ✨ Risography 📗 Book Design 📷 Photography 🎨 Illustration 🎬 Animation ✨ Risography 📗 Book Design 📷 Photography 

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