Nature Boy

2020 #Illustration #Riso

What is hunting a boy’s soft nature?

The concept behind the illustration series.
Throughout my life, I have felt the weight of societal expectations on how a boy should behave, and I've always felt uncomfortable about these limitations. In this project, I took a critical look at these expectations and used artificial products as a metaphor for the pressure to conform. I compared them with natural elements to illustrate the beauty of diversity and the damaging effects of conformity. I hope my work will inspire other boys to feel less alone and empowered to be proud of being theirselves, while also encouraging people to question and challenge traditional gender roles.

CAFA IFC online exhibition︎︎︎


Youth Design 100
2021    /    Beijing, China
2021    /    Zhuhai, China

Illustration project ‘GREEEEEN HOUSE’
Illustration series ‘Nature Boy’

Jointly initiated by Beijing International Design Week, Zhuhai International Design Week, and the City Design School of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2019.

2023    /    Guangzhou, China

“Fledging” explores sexual education through three pivotal “first times” related to different life stages: childhood curiosity, adolescent gender understanding, and initial sexual experiences.

Phases of the Moon
2023    /    Shenzhen, China

The exhibition aims to explore the fluidity of gender and the diverse expressions it encompasses, akin to how the moon presents different phases.

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