FolDer Magazine
ISSUE.01 Visual Poetry

2023 #BookDesign #Branding&VI #TypeDesign #VariableFont

My Roles: Initiator/Designer/Editor

A theme based experimental art & design publication showcasing diverse perspectives like a folder.

FolDer Magazine is a theme based experimental art & design publication that co-curated and designed by Xin Ai and Elliot Zhang (me). Our first issue brings together participants’ art and design works like a folder, showcasing diverse perspectives in response to the same theme - ‘Visual Poetry’.

Variable Logotype

The FolDer logo combines folder-inspired design with typewriter font aesthetics. Its uniform uppercase and lowercase letter heights create a clean, consistent outline.

Leveraging variable font technology, it adapts effortlessly from cover titles to spine marks, automatically adjusting for a smooth fit. Additionally, its adjustable weight axis ensures seamless integration with the Aeonik Fono text font, providing a versatile and cohesive visual identity.
Brass plates for letterpressing titles on the cover and the spine.

Bookmark/Business Card

Stamp & Gift Wrapping

When gifting FolDer Magazine to a cherished person, we wrap it in the same beautiful textured paper as the inside pages. We also personalize it by hand writting the recipient's name in the FolDer stamp on the wrapping. This special touch creates a personal connection between FolDer and the recipient.

Logo Motion

FolDer Magazine ISSUE.01 Full Credits
Initiator/Designer/Editor: Elliot Zhang
Chief Editor/Designer: Xin Ai
Editors/Contributors: Jinghan He, Lingxi Zhang, Zheyuan Luo
Contributors: Chenxi Nie, Wolf Jiao, Xiaofeng Jiang

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