Hi there, I’m Elliot 👋️
a multidisciplinary visual communicator based in London.

My experiences span across branding visual identity, motion design, typography, UI/UX and more.

💡 Design Works  
🌈 Artworks︎︎︎

The Dynamic Boundary︎︎︎

2023 #InteractiveInstallation #MotionDesign #ExhibitionCuration

The Dynamic Boundary is an interactive projection installation that uses the concept of cellular aggregation and evolution as a metaphor to explore the evolving boundaries between “us” and “others” in both time and space. 

LCC GMD online exhibition︎︎︎

36 Days of Type︎︎︎

2023 #TypeDesign #MotionDesign #3D

Type and motion experiments.

FolDer Magazine︎︎︎

2023 #BookDesign #Branding&VI #TypeDesign #VariableFont

A theme based experimental art & design publication that co-curated and designed by Xin Ai and Elliot Zhang (me). Our first issue brings together participants’ art and design works like a folder, showcasing diverse perspectives in response to the same theme - ‘Visual Poetry’.

Frandisco Studio︎︎︎

2023 #Branding&VI #MotionDesign #Website

Frandisco Studio is an artists and designers collective founded by me and a few friends. Our collective's visual identity revolves around an ever-spinning disco ball, symbolising creativity and at its core. 

💡 Graphic Design 🔖 Branding Visual Identity 💥 Motion Design ✏️ Type Design 💡 Graphic Design 🔖 Branding Visual Identity 💥 Motion Design ✏️ Type Design 

🐚 UI/UX ⌛️ Experimental 🪩 3D Design 🫧 New Media Art 🐚 UI/UX ⌛️ Experimental 🪩 3D Design 🫧 New Media Art 

🎨 Illustration 🎬 Animation ✨ Risography 📗 Book Design 📷 Photography 🎨 Illustration 🎬 Animation ✨ Risography 📗 Book Design 📷 Photography 

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